Our Teen and Adult class are intended on teaching the values of confidence, self-defense, goal-setting and physical fitness. By having these principles translate to home, school and personal lives. This program will help motivate and inspire in creating a well-balance beginning to a successful adult life. Teens will learn to defend themselves and take pride of achieving goals whilst; gaining the confidence to resist peer pressure and the self-discipline to earn better grades in school. Teens will learn leadership skills through interacting with others through class teamwork exercises, while focusing on their individual accomplishments and strengths. Science has proven that regular exercises reduce depression and anxieties in adolescents and ease the transition into the responsibilities of adulthood.

Kid's Taekwondo Program

This program is designed to help preschool aged children to develop basic motor and listening skills through Taekwondo. These skills help them participate in social situations with ore confidence and enthusiasm. Children become better students at school, better listeners at home, and more ambitious towards the future. We believe that the time between the ages of three and five are the most critical years of a child's development. Our program enhance positive development in a fun and motivated way.

Advantages of Taekwondo for children

  • Physical Fitness
  • Builds Character
  • Improves Confidence
  • Improves  Self-Esteem
  • Teaches Discipline and Respect
  • Improves School Grades
  • Teaches Self-Defense (Anti-Bully Program)
  • Builds long-term friendships

In our Martial Arts classes, children learn to respect themselves and others (parents and teachers included.) Children work to improve their manner, cooperation, and team work skills in a safe and fun environment. Our goal is to improve your child's use of manners and consideration of others at home and at school resulting in the ability to make friends with those who share positive values and develop leadership skills.

Tiny Tiger Program

(Ages 3-5)

Teen's  Program